Clarity Financial Training Ltd offer short courses in CeMAP, DiPFA, CeRER, DipPP and Cemap Diploma. We are an LIBF accredited training provider and are committed to helping you achieve exam success that we offer a pass guarantee.

At Clarity Financial Training Ltd we deliver LIBF training courses and pride ourselves that our tutors have maintained a 100% pass rate to date on all our multiple choice based exams (CeMAP®, FSRE® etc.), we have also maintained a near perfect first time pass rate for the AFA coursework element of the DipFA® qualification. Our training techniques include professionally created materials and simplified presentations that enable students not only to pass their exams, but pass with distinctions and merits. We do not train individuals just to answer questions; we give students the valuable knowledge that is carried with them when they go on to deliver advice within financial services. WE DO NOT JUST READ THROUGH THE LIBF MANUAL, YOU CAN DO THAT AT HOME.

At Clarity FT we have a pass guarantee; we strive to help students to succeed first time. On the very rare occasion that a student does not pass first time, students can come back for FREE until they have succeeded (small fee for new materials if required).

Choose your training provider wisely; it can be a very expensive mistake. Please note the following:

“I’ve never ever given five stars to anything before, but they deserve it. I previously paid a lot of money elsewhere for indifferent training for DipFA, and Maria’s input was on entirely another level. The secret to passing DipFA is exam technique, and nobody delivers that better than she, backed up by detailed notes and her energetic and clear delivery. Can’t thank you enough!”

— Ruth (DipFA)

UPDATE: Clarity would like to congratulate Ruth, she has now achieved her level 4 qualification. 

Try before you Book

At Clarity FT we fully appreciate that choosing the right training provider can lead to success. At Clarity FT we are so confident that you will be 100% satisfied with our training expertise and top quality material, that we invite you to “TRY BEFORE YOU BOOK”. Please feel free to come down to our training centre and sit in on one of our tutorials  for a 1 hour taster (currently unavailable) or try a 1 hour real time webinar taster. You can meet the tutors and view our materials. While our complaints register gathers dust, please help yourself to achieve professional exam success.

If you would like to sample one of our sessions, please CONTACT US

The taster must be confirmed in advance, this facility cannot be accommodated unless arranged in advance.