Future Investment Calculator

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About this Calculator

This FREE on-line tool calculates the future value of an investment (ISA, Deposit, Collective), with or without any additional contributions. The calculator compounds the growth of the initial investment, plus any periodic sums. The result is based on a constant interest/growth rate compounded monthly or Daily (please indicate).

Notes on how to use the calculator:

  1. Initial Balance
    Enter the initial balance or the amount that will start the investment account in “initial investment”, there is no need for commas. Enter the initial balance, if there is no initial balance start with ‘0’.
  2. Monthly Deposits
    Enter the monthly deposit amount; there is no need for commas. If there is no monthly deposit amount enter ‘0’.
  3. The Investment period
    Enter the number of years the investment is to be held
  4. Annual Growth/Interest Rate
    Enter the interest rate or the expected growth rate. The calculator will compound the return monthly/Daily, including any additional deposits.
  5. Monthly/Daily
    Click whether the interest will be compounded monthly or Daily. If the projection is for investment growth click Daily.
  6. Press Calculate
    The result is the future value of the investment at the end of the term based on a compounded monthly/daily figure. Please note this is a projection and varying monthly deposits and growth/interest rates will result in a different amount.