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Real Time Webinar training courses: Web based learning at a distance.

If you are worried about the Coronavirus and do not want to travel, but do not want to put your studies on hold, our Real Time Webinar training sessions are ideal for you. Our WEBINARS are NOT pre-recorded; they are real time and delivered professionally direct to you by our qualified tutors. Whether you are in Scotland, Ireland or Manchester; at Clarity FT we can deliver a professional learning experience direct to you. If you are concerned about travelling or are trying to avoid group gatherings, our Webinar courses are the perfect solution. We fully appreciate the cost, distance and full time commitment constraints that many of you professionals encounter. At Clarity FT we are pleased to offer a convenient learning experience delivered online, saving you the cost of travel and putting on hold other commitments to attend a session in London. This tutorial is unlike many other pre-recorded delivery methods, this session is ‘REAL TIME’ giving you the facility to interrupt the tutor if you want a point re clarified. The session includes entire coverage of the subject module in an easy to understand format. The materials and whiteboards can be viewed through your device. This method is delivered by CISCO WebEx and all you need is a microphone or a web cam. This method will include daytime classes between 9.30am to 5pm.

All our courses will be run as REAL TIME WEBINARS for the time being to help combat the spread of the coronavirus. Clarity FT wants to help the global fight to end this pandemic. Your studies should not have to be put on hold. Webinar classes are fully interactive and are professionally run.

The tutors have extensive experience on what you need to know to pass the exams. The web based tutorial sessions include the following:

  • Classroom slides booklet and tutor led presentation
  • Subject books (i.e. CeMAP made simple)
  • Daily test questions and/or appropriate handouts
  • Mock exams (if the exam is multiple choice based)
  • Full aftercare support offered by e-mail direct to your tutor

If this method is for you please visit our course bookings page to find out when the next most convenient course is available or browse all our web based courses below. Please note that this service is not offered on all courses at present, please submit an interest on [email protected] if you would like it to become available.

We are now offering web based evening courses for CeMAP 1, 2 and 3. They will run 2 evenings per week on a Monday and Thursday from 6.30pm to 9pm.

Web based courses must be booked a minimum of 48 hours in advance for the link and material to be sent.
The REAL TIME Webinar option is NOW available on all courses.

At Clarity FT we provide all our own material, however it does not include the registration fee with the LIBF which needs to be paid separately. Please contact the LIBF for details.

If you want a traditional or personal method of training, look at our other options of delivery which may be more appropriate for your needs.