LIBF Diploma in Paraplanning (DipPP®)

Become a para-planner

How to become a para-planner

To become a para-planner candidates must complete a recognised qualification such as the LIBF Diploma in Paraplanning (DipPP®) qualification. A Paraplanner is a person who works with a Financial Adviser and completes a number of the non-client facing tasks involved in preparing and administering a Financial Plan/Report for a client. ParaPlanners focus on the technical/report writing aspect of preparing the financial plans rather than the explaining and discussing the plans with clients. Paraplanners can work as either an employed Paraplanner and get paid a salary or as self-employed. Many Paraplanners freelance and offer services for a number of financial advisers. Commencing your career as a  Paraplanner is an excellent stepping-stone to becoming a Financial adviser. There are no entry requirements to become a Paraplanner.

Paraplanner role:

  • A Paraplanner will meet with clients to discuss their current circumstances along with the Financial adviser.
  • Research the vast range of financial products including protection, investments and pensions on the instruction given by the Financial adviser in respect of of the recommended product.
  • Act as a liaison with clients.
  • Complete suitability reports; explaining the features, benefits and risks of the products recommended.

Paraplanner skills:

  • Excellent communication skills, namely written.
  • Good attention to detail.
  • Excellent research skills – Able to process large volumes of data to find the most appropriate products for the clients.
  • Good computer skills.
  • Organised – Time keeping is essential in order to maintain FCA designated timelines.
  • Hardworking and diligent in order to keep their knowledge up to date.

CertPFA®  is a professional qualification for any candidate who wants to work in financial administration or as a para-planner. UK financial services are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).  CertPFA®  is a London Institute of Banking and Finance QCF Level 3 qualification and is recognised by the Financial Skills partnership.


LIBF Course Info

The Certificate in Paraplanning and Financial Administration (CertPFA®) is the new qualification offered by the London Institute of Banking and Finance for individuals working, or aspiring to work, in financial administration or a paraplanning role. CertPFA® provides the foundation skills required to get a good grounding in Regulation, taxation, financial products and services, also various pieces of legislation concerning the financial sector. This qualification is an essential element for gaining access to the ever growing demand for qualified individuals and offers an efficient and effective route to a professional and recognised qualification.

The CertPFA®  qualification comprises of 1 module split into 4 units which are all assessed by four 30 minute (2 hours in total) multiple choice exam undertaken at a Pearson Vue test centre, these are located all over the UK.  To get your CertPFA®  qualification candidates will need to register with the London Institute of Banking and Finance. The registration includes an exam fee and the awarding of the qualification on successful completion. CertPFA®  is split into 4 units:

  • Unit 1 – Understanding the Financial Services Industry (Exam: 30 minute exam with 25 stand alone questions. 70% pass mark required)
  • Unit 2 – Understanding the Financial Services Environment (Exam: 30 minute exam with 25 stand alone questions. 70% pass mark required)
  • Unit 3 – Understanding Financial Services Products (Exam:  30 minute exam with 25 stand alone questions. 70% pass mark required)
  • Unit 4 – Working with Clients in a Financial Planning (Exam: 30 minute exam with 15 questions split between 3 case studies. 70% pass mark required)

The exam is assessed by a 2-hour multiple-choice examination. UFSI, UFSE and UFSP each comprise of a 30 minute objective test with 25 multiple choice questions. WCFP is a 30 minute objective test with three case studies – each with five attached multiple choice questions. The pass marks are 70%.

London Institute of Banking and Finance

At Clarity Financial Training Ltd we offer professionally delivered CertPFA® training courses that help students pass their CertPFA® exams with confidence. Whether you have existing experience or are new to the industry our workshops are aimed at covering each syllabus to help understand and gain the relevant exam technique to pass the qualification with ease.

Clarity Course

How Clarity FT run the course

CertPFA®: Blended/Distance Learning

The course is designed to cover the entire syllabus in an easy to follow format. At Clarity FT we have developed an easy to understand CertPFA made simple which covers the entire syllabus simplistically, helping to break down the technical jargon and help you to retain the valuable information in order to pass your exam. The course content provides:

  • CertPFA made simple in hard-copy format
  • Easy to understand tables and relevant handouts
  • End of topic assessments with e-mail support from a tutor
  • 300 mock questions with answers
  • 2 hour monthly technical webinar
  • E-mail support until you have passed the exam

Study Options

Ways to Study

At Clarity Financial Training Ltd we are committed to offering you choice and convenience, so we have various study options to gain your LIBF qualification available for you to choose from.  At Clarity FT we offer CeMAP® distance blended learning, as well as DipFA® In-House training and CeFAP® one-to-one. If you prefer the traditional classroom setting you can select this option. If you live some distance from London and cannot commit to the overnight stay try our other methods, either our on-line web tutor which is run real time, blended/distance learning or in-house (subject to minimum numbers) or if you prefer the personal touch have an exclusive one to one session. Click on the following and read for yourself which option best suits you. We offer CeFAP as Blended distance or one to one only.

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Course Dates

At Clarity FT we run a blended/distance learning study programme for CeFAP.  Students are provided with our CeFAP made simple easy to follow book and a study plan. Students are guided through the syllabus by their tutor and are assessed at after each topic. The blended session offers a monthly technical webinar allowing students to as a qualified tutor any syllabus related question. Click here to find out more  distance/learning.

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