DipFA FSRE®: Financial Services Regulation and Ethics

Become a financial adviser in as little as 7 months, our DipFA courses can help you achieve your goal. The Diploma for financial advisers (DipFA) is an LIBF qualification comprising of 3 mandatory units. FSRE®: Financial Services Regulation and Ethics (FSRE®) is the first module of your LIBF qualification. As part of your DipFA qualification it explores the commercial and regulatory financial services environment, the role and legal obligations of regulated advisers and key concepts of risk and ethics. The DipFA training course enables you to gain your level 4 LIBF diploma in order to qualify as a financial adviser.

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The module covers:

  • the structure of the UK financial services industry and its role in serving the consumer
  • financial markets and macroeconomic policies that affect them
  • meeting financial needs of the customer
  • financial planning products
  • legal concepts
  • financial services regulation, the regulators approach and the legal responsibilities of regulated advisers
  • the essential concepts and importance of risk
  • ethical behaviour and the regulators principles based approach
  • the Code of Ethics and professional standards
  • the essential skills required when advising clients

The exam is assessed by a 2-hour multiple-choice examination based on 100 questions. This examination is delivered electronically with results given on completion. The pass mark is 70%. FSRE® must be sat within 9 months of registration. The LIBF FSRE® syllabus runs from September to August, please note that material will change s it is updated annually..

London Institute of Banking and Finance

The Clarity Financial Training workshop

FSRE®: 5 day workshop

The course is designed to cover the entire syllabus in 5 days in topic order so that you can be sure that every area has been covered thoroughly. Many trainers avoid difficult areas within the syllabus and avoid teaching them, we cover everything with excellent exam techniques including FSRE® mock exams to help you memorise content for the exam. We at Clarity have developed unique formulas to remember the complex area of risk, which is worth 15% of your overall grade. Each day we will work through the material giving exam example type questions, what to look out for, the depth of knowledge required to pass the exam and simple tips to help you memorise the content. The LIBF FSRE® material has been abbreviated in slide format that will enable you to read the material in a timely manner. The course content provides:

  • Each session is in a relaxed learning environment of your choice
  • Committed DipFA® qualified trainers, who also work as LIBF web tutors
  • Detailed explanations of subject matter
  • Calculations explained, with worked examples
  • Explanations on how markets work and how they are interrelated
  • Pointers on what to know for the exam
  • Useful handout and tips on memorising the many risks associated with financial planning
  • Useful handouts that support learning
  • Testing throughout the course to asses learning
  • E-mail support until you have passed the exam

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