DipFA AFA Suitability Report (factfind)

Become a financial adviser in as little as 7 months, our DipFA courses can help you achieve your goal. The Diploma for Financial Advisers (DipFA) is an LIBF qualification comprising of 3 mandatory units. To complete your final LIBF exam (suitability report), Clarity FT will provide you with all the tools necessary to write your suitability report based on the allocated fact-find, with a FREE template provided to help structure your report. The final element of the AFA Diploma will come in the form of a factfind and candidates must complete a suitability report in order to gain their LIBF qualification. The Clarity FT DipFA training course will prepare you to sit a three-hour typed examination combining knowledge, understanding and application of both units (FSRE® and AFA). This will be held at a number of UK locations and will be based on a realistic; real-life scenario that will comprise of writing a suitability report applying technical data appropriate to a factfind that can be accessed 6 weeks prior. The suitability report is provided with enough time to formulate recommendations, however on the day of the exam new information will be provided.

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Students will be expected to formulate a report showing detailed analysis and recommendations. The pass mark is 50% for the examination and is worth 70% of the overall mark (30% coursework).

Clarity FT Exam workshop (2 Days)

This workshop will provide essential information required to write the suitability report based on the factfind. The sessions are tailor made, enabling opportunities to gain ideas and formulas from your tutor/other students. Students will be expected to work out tax computations, affordability, make recommendations relevant to the scenario, address mistakes and also make spontaneous judgments within the exam. Your tutors have completed the DipFA and have provided support to other students who have gone on to pass their exam. Your tutors are also LIBF web trainers with the ability to gain access to valuable resources and information. The workshop will provide the following:

  • Analysis of the fact find
  • Client categorisation/life stages
  • Financial planning mistakes made by consumers
  • How to structure your report
  • Tax calculations and tax planning ideas for affordability
  • What areas to consider when formulating strategies
  • Possible recommendations
  • Further information on providing the correct recommendations
  • Technical support on products and recommendations
  • Useful links for premium quotes and future investment/pension forecasts

A UNIQUE TEMPLATE: that structures your report given electronically that enables you to fill in the gaps with your recommendations.

This is an extremely popular workshop, equipping you with all the information required to write a complete suitability report, in the correct structure, with the correct recommendations and techniques to keep the volume of the report within limits in order to adequately reproduce it within the exam time frame (3 hours), all in 2 days.

Please make sure when booking the course that you choose the correct session for your own specific factfind.