CeMAP® 3: Assessment of Mortgage Advice

The Assessment of Mortgage Advice Knowledge (CeMAP® 3) module is based on your understanding and knowledge of the first 2 modules (Cemap 1 and Cemap 2). At Clarity FT our CeMAP® training course will provide you with the skills to assess the case study information to confidently pass your LIBF qualification. CeMAP® 3 is the final module to enable you to qualify as a mortgage adviser.

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The module covers identifying and analysing customer’s needs and circumstances based on all that has been learnt in the previous modules to make suitable recommendations in the mortgage context.

How we deliver the course

At Clarity FT we take you through several case studies, teaching you how to dissect and analyse them to prepare and enable you to answer the questions that follow. We also give you tactics in answering case study questions. This tutorial will run after CeMAP® 2 (4 days including CeMAP® 3).

After the course instruction you will be required to sit a mock examination to determine when you can take the examination. The mortgages application module is assessed by a 2-hour, 60-question, multiple-choice examination. The Pass mark is 70% (42 out of 60). The examination is computer based with the results given to you on completion.