CeMAP® 2: Mortgages

The Module is split into 4 parts

CeMAP® 2 covers the essential areas required to fully understand mortgage advice. The CeMAP® course is the second module of the LIBF qualification. To become a qualified mortgage adviser, each LIBF module must be clearly understood to enable professionals to give good quality mortgage advice.

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The course consists of 4 units:

  1. Mortgage Law, Policy, Practise and Markets
  2. Mortgage Applications
  3. Mortgage Payment Methods and Products
  4. Mortgage Arrears and Post – completion

The topics covered are as follows

  • Types of Borrowers
  • Land Registration and types of title
  • Categories of title
  • The Mortgage
  • Repayment vehicles for interest only mortgages
  • The scope of the service
  • Life assurance policies
  • Health Insurance
  • Further Advances
  • Redemption of the mortgage
  • Arrears and repossession
  • State assistance to borrowers in arrears

London Institute of Banking and Finance

At Clarity FT we take you through each of the modules carefully, breaking it down so simply so that even a novice will understand the concepts and material. At Clarity we give you CeMAP® exam questions throughout the session to test your learning and after the course instruction you will be required to sit a mock examination to determine when you can take the examination. This course is run over 4 days – 9.30am to 5pm (including CeMAP® 3), covering each unit concisely.

The mortgages module is assessed by a 2-hour exam at a test center, this comes as part of you registration fee with the LIBF. The exam constitutes of 100-questions, multiple-choice examination split into 4 units. Each unit contains 25 multiple-choice questions. The pass mark for each unit is 70%.

The examination is computer based with the results given to you on completion.