CeMAP® 1: UK Financial Regulation

Become a mortgage adviser in as little as 2 weeks, we can help you pass your LIBF CeMAP® qualification which is the preferred mortgage adviser qualification. At Clarity FT our CeMAP® courses courses cover UK Financial Regulation, which is a broad-based module that focuses upon the purpose and structure of UK financial services. The LIBF course module consists of 2 units: The Financial Services Environment and Regulation of the financial environment.

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The topics covered in CeMAP® are as follows:

  • The UK financial services industry structure
  • Financial asset classes
  • Financial services products
  • Financial advice and regular reviews
  • Basic legal concepts
  • UK taxation
  • The benefits system
  • Inflation
  • Interest rate volatility
  • Non-tax laws
  • Regulation
  • Conduct of business rules
  • Anti-money laundering rules
  • Complaints and compensation
  • The EU General Data Protection Regulation
  • European Directives

London Institute of Banking and Finance

At Clarity FT our CeMAP® training courses take you through each of the modules carefully, breaking it down so simply so that even a novice will understand the concepts and material. The LIBF qualification can be achieved on completion of the training course. After the course instruction you will be required to sit a mock examination to determine when you can take the examination. The course is run over 5 days (9.30 to 5pm) please make sure when booking, with no material left out. The UKFR is assessed by a 2-hour exam at a test center, this comes as part of you registration fee with the LIBF. The exam constitutes of 100-questions, multiple-choice examination split into 2 units. Each unit contains 50 multiple-choice questions. The pass mark for each unit is 70%.